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JENSEN STUDIOS can create and design a professional looking and fuctional web site for any person or business. Search Engine best practices implemented in every web design or existing web sites. All sites are optimized for images, and then validated for proper HTML or XHTML conformance standards. Specializing in video and photography galleries requiring video encoding and photo implementation!

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Case Studies

Proton Therapy CenterSIMBA - Strategic International Medical Business Alliance, LLC Goals & Results
New advanced proton therapy center in San Diego. This 220 million center needed a web site to get the news out of this unique and remarkable facility which is one of only ten in the United States. They wanted a well designed and professional looking site designed from the ground up describing the various treatments available for cancer patients.


San Diego Real Estate Personal Web SiteReal Estate Web Site Goals & Results

Personal Real Estate Web Site designed and optimized for high ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Personal web sites designed to create targeted leads for real estate agents, realtors, and brokers.

www.ninajensen.com Photography Web Site Goals & Results

A beautiful and sophisticated presentation of photos, thumbnails,
and mouse-over java script. A Flash slideshow is implemented with many variations that could be used and customized for your site!

www.parentingministry.org California Carolina Dogs Goals & Results

Rare dog breeder in San Francisco with articles, streaming media, photos and historical facts, press releases and Youtube clips about this newly discovered rare dog breed.

These dogs are shipped all over the world and are becoming more and more popular. Their qualities include protective, highly intellegent, and committed charcteristics to the pack leader or owner!


www.parentingministry.orgProton Therapy Co-Operative Group North America

This is a web site built for one of a few only proton beam cancer center in the United States. When completed this site will be designed for updates, editing, and publishing by the client using a Control management Software (CMS) program...






What we specialize in...




What we specialize in...