San Diego Real Estate Case Study

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Real Estate Web Site Design

Dale Politte is a real estate agent working with McMillin Realty in Carmel Mountain Ranch in San Diego, California. His own corporate web site is very informative for users looking to buy or sell homes, but is not found easily found in major search engines. Many savvy real estate agents have thier own personal web sites made to bring in more qualified leads. Unfortunately thier own sites are also very hard to find in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. The reason is simple...Real Estate is one of the most competitive key phrases in the world to get high ranking in search engines. It is even more diffucult in a major metropolis like San Diego. What then is the best wy to beat the competition?


The Results

Thie results are qualified leads to real estate agents for perspective home buyers and sellers. Perspective clients have determined based on your web site that you are at least worth calling or contacting first! The rest is up to you!